Jordan McBain, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Ontario)

I have a decade of experience in heavy industrial engineering and software development for controls and diagnostics in embedded automotive applications.  I have been blessed with work through employers  that have broadened my software-engineering core and allowed me to further expand into the field of mechatronics ultimately leading me to offer contracting engineering services to a wider audience.

My Ph.D. focused on the development of automated online fault detection techniques for systems subject to varying operating conditions (particularly transmissions subject to varying

load and speed) -- all of which have been published in major journals like the Journal of Sound and Vibration.

I love to solve problems that are outside of my box; my Ph.D. is an example of one such effort which has been followed by upcoming patents in mechatronic actuators and brushless DC motor control.   This patent work demonstrates that I can

solve problems outside of abstract academics and known

design solutions.

Please take a look at my Linkedin Profile and feel free to reach

out if you have the need for 1099 consulting services.